The occupiers believe that, since the University is willing to go to the length of threatening peaceful protesters with forcible removal by bailiffs and arrest, further continuation of the occupation would be counterproductive in fighting against the privatisation and cuts that our University are facing, as well as the continued attacks on our lecturers and support staff.

This is fundamentally the free choice of the occupiers, and is a damning indictment of the University management whose aggressive nature can be seen in the fact they would rather attempt to ban all protest by anyone on campus rather than listen to our reasonable concerns. This was never about the disruption to other student’s education (we have maintained that we wish all lectures to go ahead) but a political tactic to isolate the occupation which perhaps highlighted issues that the University did not want to consider!


It should be remembered that occupation is a legitimate method of political action, rather than an end in itself. As such, it should be constantly appraised and considered. However, as the occupation has become an obstacle to our wider aims we have decided to devote our energies to the creation of new campaigns on campus in order to combat the austerity agenda of our University.