Statement from the Students’ Union Officers

Sheffield Students’ Union is pleased that the injunction issued by the University of Sheffield that restricted protests in University buildings has been pulled in Sheffield County Court this afternoon.

The injunction restricted the right for students to protest in University of Sheffield buildings. Many Students’ Union societies and committees have contacted us in the last 24 hours to express their fear that they would not be able to hold future protests, gather petitions or even run awareness raising campaigns without fear of being prosecuted.

Whilst we recognise the original aim of the University was to limit occupations, the wording of the initial injunction and subsequent copies had left students fearing that their right to protest was being infringed.

Following a discussion between the Students’ Union Officers and the Vice-Chancellor this afternoon, the University agreed to pull the injunction. We thank the University for listening to the concerns we raised on behalf of students and for negotiating with us a suitable outcome.