Official Statement on the Court Injunction

Sheffield University Occupation has been served with a court injunction which constitutes an attack on the right to protest. The injunction, obtained by the University management, has placed a one-year ban on all protests on University property (which could potentially include picket lines and campaign stalls) that have not been given written permission from the University. It is of course extremely unlikely that they would grant permission for any protest criticising the University over cuts, fees and education reform, hence this constitutes an effective ban on all protest at the University of which management does not approve. This will affect all groups and societies at the University, as well as lecturers and support staff picketing on days of strike action.

The University management has furthermore broken off all official communication with the Occupation, refusing to consider any of our demands. We are still entirely open to negotiations with management, but we will not be intimidated by threats of forcible eviction. The University is threatening our imminent forcible removal at 9pm, and we need as many people as possible here in order to peacefully resist!

This is an escalation of management’s tactics, which began with the unnecessary cancellation of all lectures in the Arts Tower by University management (when we have specifically made clear that any disruption to education is NOT our aim). It is in the interests of all students and workers to resist these attacks on our rights, and we call upon all groups and individuals affected to give full support to our ongoing legal appeal. We can be contacted at the Occupied Space, Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 4, or on

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